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We help financial institutions extract the maximum benefit from every transaction or decision related to market structure. Helping you understand how to generate alpha from financial markets is our mission.
Why “alpha”?
Alpha describes the performance of a portfolio compared to its Beta and the risk-free rate of return. Alpha is a measure of outperformance. Our firm specializes in helping firms outperform the market by better understanding market structure and how it affects their businesses.
LIBOR Transition
One of our core consulting services is helping clients navigate the LIBOR transition. From setting up a proper governance structure to transitioning contracts to a new reference rate, Market Alpha has the team of industry professionals that can help you get it done.
Our Clients
Our client engagements include banks, asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, corporations, tax-exempt issuers, municipalities, market-making firms, exchanges, financial technology providers, accounting firms and law firms.
Our clients benefit from the wide range of industry experience and product knowledge of our core team. Our principals each have 20+ years of experience in the capital markets across virtually every asset class, including fixed income, foreign exchange and equities. We are recognized experts in capital markets, regulatory issues, FinTech, and strategic guidance.
Asset Classes
Our experience spans virtually every asset class. In fixed income, that includes rates, OTC derivatives, listed derivatives, government bonds, SSAs, MBS, corporate bonds, municipal securities and securitized products. In foreign exchange that includes spot, forwards, swaps, options, NDFs and cryptocurrencies. In equities that includes listed equities, OTC and derivatives.
Practice Areas
We advise a wide range of clients on all matters related to market structure intelligence, electronic execution, market data aggregation, smart order routing, transaction cost analysis, regulatory changes, compliance, financial market assessment, acquisition analysis, platform evaluation and design, quantitative analysis, and litigation support.
LIBOR Transition
Are you ready?

The financial services industry is faced with a daunting task as the single largest floating rate benchmark in history is set to be phased out in less than two years. There are over $350 trillion in notional contracts tied to IBORs in various jurisdictions around the world. In the U.S. alone that number stands at $200 trillion.

The cessation of LIBOR has become such a significant issue that many are overwhelmed and do not have the expertise or resources in-house to identify the issues and address them in a timely manner. Stakeholders are concerned about the effects this will have on the bottom line in addition to the regulatory, tax, accounting and legal implications.

There is no consulting / advisory firm that does this better than Market Alpha. Contact us today to find out how we’re uniquely positioned to help.

Understanding how to navigate this transition effectively is crucially important to firms that have significant exposure to LIBOR. Those firms with a better understanding of the issues are much more likely to develop a winning strategy to address the cessation of LIBOR.

From transaction advisory to market structure intelligence to strategic investing.
LIBOR Transition
Governance Structure
Transition Management Team
Communication Strategy
Exposure Identification and Validation
Product Strategy Consulting
Contractual Remediation
Operational and Technology Readiness
Accounting and Reporting
Taxation and Regulation
Implementation and Conversion
Market Structure Intelligence
Electronic Execution
Market Data
Aggregation / Smart Order Routing
Regulatory & Compliance
Strategic Guidance
Acquisition Analysis
Market Landscape
Platform Evaluation / Design
Market Research
Quantitative Analysis
Subject Matter Expertise
Transaction Advisory
Foreign Exchange
Treasury and Agency Securities
Mortgage-backed Securities
Corporate Bonds
Tax-exempt Securities
Experts with 20+ years experience in the financial markets.
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